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Bible Classes & Time Change

Bible classes for adults and children resumed September 12th! 

But, there are some important changes associated with it.  Classes will be AFTER Sunday morning worship instead of before. The Shepherds have made this decision for a few important reasons:

  • First, we want as many people as possible to be involved in Bible classes each week. From past experiences, we’ve learned that people are much more likely to stay for class if you have it after worship.
  • Second, we really want more opportunity to connect with new visitors and their families. Our mission is to disciple children and their families in Bartlesville who are disconnected from Christ and the church. We think Bible classes play a big part in that. However, first time guests are very unlikely to show up early for Bible classes. By having worship first, we will have the opportunity to invite our guests to stick around for Bible classes once they’re already here.
  • And Third, honestly, it’s nice not having to get here quite so early as we used to.

But wait! If we do Bible classes after worship, won’t we be here a lot later?  

  • Here’s one final change! Beginning September 12, worship service will START at 9:30, Bible classes will end at 11:45, and we all get to go eat lunch.