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Catalyst Class

Spring 2023
David Herrick

Class Topics:

Their Message
Who affects change and how
Class Audio

The Message of Jesus
Jesus is Christ and him Crucified
Class Audio

Who is Jesus?
A time of worship
Who is Jesus? - class document

The Message from Jesus
The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.. Repent
Class Audio
Message of Jesus and Kingdom of God - class slides

The Message of the Kingdom
King, Covenant, Culture and Citizens
Class Audio

What is the Gospel?
A practical guide for crafting your message
Class Audio
Gospel Verses - class document
The Heart of the Gospel - class slides

Our Barriers
What’s holding us back?
Class Audio

Their Barriers
What’s holding them back?
Class Audio

Together with God: Prayer
Because nothing happens without God
Class Audio
Link to Evangelism and Prayer

Together with each Other: Community
Because solo is foolish

Sacrificial Love is compelling
Real love costs

Extraordinary Love is compelling
Love is way beyond appropriate and acceptable

Kindness and Kindergarten